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The Corning Museum of Glass is not currently accepting applications for new glass guides, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please continue to check back with us should you remain interested in becoming a volunteer.

Glass Guides (volunteer guides) provide valuable service to the Museum and to the wider community by volunteering their time to give tours to adults, families and school groups. They engage, educate and inspire visitors from around the world as they share their knowledge of 35 centuries of glass art, history and science.


Museum Glass Guides are entitled to many benefits. They receive free training materials and books, lectures by curators and glass experts, use of the Rakow Research Library, and opportunities to meet some of the leaders in contemporary glass art. After completing their training, Glass Guides receive complimentary Museum membership, invitations to Member events, admission to conferences and seminars, and discounts in the Museum Shops and onsite restaurants. Additionally, Glass Guides reap many intangible rewards through their experiences with guests.


There are no prerequisites for Glass Guide training beyond the ability to learn, a positive attitude, and an openness to trying new things. Dependability is a trait all Glass Guides must possess.

  • In-Depth Training: Glass Guides are charged with delighting our visitors by providing engaging experiences with the collection. Developing the skills to do this requires ongoing training that begins with a mandatory half-day weekly program that starts in late September and continues approximately five months. Training includes a background in how people learn in museums that will be put into practice. The five-month course also provides in-depth training in the art, history and science of glass.
  • Enrichment: Required monthly meetings (September – May) feature programs that further enhance the Glass Guide’s knowledge of glass and ways to provide meaningful experiences for visitors using the collection. Curatorial, education, hot glass program, and studio staff provide additional training.

Time Commitment

After completing their training, Glass Guides are scheduled for tours according to their availability and our specific tour needs. We encourage 40 hours per year, but the amount of time a Glass Guide contributes to the Museum is flexible. Glass Guides are also expected to attend monthly meetings and training for special exhibitions and to continue independent study.

How Do I Become a Glass Guide?

Please check back for updates about our next Glass Guide class.

For further information regarding the Glass Guide program, please contact Evan Hill at [email protected].

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