Teen Leadership Council

The Museum’s Teen Leadership Council (TLC) is a program for teens, run by teens. It is open to teens in the local community who are at least 14 years old and who have already participated in at least one other teen program at CMoG. TLC participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain leadership and career readiness skills
  • Research and implement strategies for engaging teens with the Museum
  • Design content for engaging teens with the Museum

The TLC meets once a week from June through August.

For more information contact: The Volunteer Program at [email protected] or +1 (607) 438-5286.

Headshot of Brookelyn smiling in front of a white wall
Brookelyn Batzing
Headshot of Madelyn smiling in front of a blue sky
Madelyn Beale
Headshot of Aidan smiling in front of a white and red wall
Aiden Cagwin
Headshot of Madelyn Collier in front of a green bush
Madelyn Collier
Headshot of Aaryaa  smiling in front of red door
Aaryaa Donthu
Headshot of Yule looking forward in front of a white wall
Yule Fu
Headshot of Sophia smiling in front of a dark gray background
Sophia Hollasch
Headshot of Karin smiling in front of a dock with boats in the background
Karin Hoover
Headshot of Kaylie smiling in front of a white door
Kaylie Jacobs
Headshot of Shane Lehman smiling in front of a wooden door
Shane Lehman
Headshot of Raghav in front of a white wall
Raghav Tandon
Headshot of Rebecca smiling in front of a white garage door
Rebecca Peng
headshot of Eshwar looking forward in front of a white wall
Eshwar Venkataswamy

Meet the 2020 Teen Leadership Council

  • Brookelyn Batzing is a sophomore at the Corning-Painted Post High School. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer, playing lacrosse, skiing, spending time at the lake, and having fun with friends. Brookelyn joined the Teen Leadership Council in hopes of improving her communication skills and confidence in leadership situations.
  • Madelyn Beale is a rising senior at Corning-Painted Post High School. Her hobbies include photography and hanging out with friends, whether it be playing sports or baking together. Madelyn joined TLC to gain leadership skills that would help prepare her for college and to provide an outlet for her creative side.
  • Aidan Cagwin is a sophomore in homeschooling. His hobbies are blacksmithing and metal working from home. Aidan joined the TLC for a 2nd year to gain some more team building skills, and better skills for preparing to go to college.
  • Madelyn Collier is a rising sophomore at the STEM academy PTECH program with career interests in the medical field. She has a passion for dance and loves to explore nature through backpacking with family. Madelyn was excited to strengthen her collaboration and leadership skills through the TLC program.
  • Aaryaa Donthu is in her senior year at Corning Painted-Post High School. Aaryaa loves playing basketball, reading, as well as playing with her sibling in her free time. Aaryaa joined TLC in hopes of learning the various important skills and strategies of being a good leader.
  • Yule Fu is a rising sophomore at Peddie School. She enjoys cooking, reading, and playing the violin. Yule joined the TLC to learn how to communicate and lead people with different personalities. She also wanted to learn more about expressing her own personality and ideas.
  • Sophia Hollasch is a junior at Corning-Painted Post High School. She loves to draw in her free time. Sophia joined the TLC program so she should learn how to communicate with others and to lead different types of people. TLC lets her speak up in a comfortable environment.
  • Karin Hoover is in her sophomore year of high school. She enjoys drawing, reading and playing tennis in her spare time. Karin expects to strengthen her leadership, communication and social skills during her time in the TLC program.
  • Shane Lehman is in his senior year of high school this year. Shane enjoys combat sports, rugby, and his academics as he follows a PTECH program, satisfying both high school and college requirements. Shane joined the TLC to learn more about how to utilize different strategies of leadership.
  • Meagan Meeker is a junior at Corning Painted Post High School. She loves to dance and swim in her free time. She joined the TLC so that she could learn how to become a better communicator, and she also saw it as new opportunity to branch out and try new things.
  • Rebecca Peng is a sophomore at the Horseheads High School. Rebecca joined the TLC to learn how to become a better leader, mentoring others the right way. The TLC program gave her an opportunity to work with other amazing teens to achieve common goals. She likes to help serve her community.
  • Raghav Tandon is a rising sophomore at the Corning Painted Post High School. In his free time, he enjoys participating in many extra-curricular activities and volunteering. He developed his leadership and communication skills by joining the TLC.
  • Eshwar Venkataswamy currently attends Phillips Academy as a rising junior. He absolutely loves learning to animate, editing The Lightbulb Podcast, and writing short stories. Participating in the TLC enabled him to explore the different skills and needs that leadership entails while also interacting with other teenagers.


Meet new people, give back to the community, and share your skills.

Teen Scavenger Hunt

As you explore the beautiful world of glass, we challenge you to hunt down our 2020 Teen Leadership Council's hand-selected faves. 

Junior Curators

In this after-school program, teens work with museum staff to create an exhibition. 

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