Green Initiatives

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The Corning Museum of Glass is committed to being a responsible steward—leaving not only our collection, but also our facilities and grounds, in the best, most sustainable, state possible for future generations to enjoy. We strive to incorporate green practices in our operations and we consistently look for ways to minimize the environmental footprint of our facilities and our activities.

Our Hot Glass Demos, our Studio and our extensive HVAC system (which protects our collections and ensures the comfort of our guests) run year-round and require a lot of energy. To minimize our energy consumption, we invest in and maintain modern mechanical HVAC systems, with digital building control systems and variable speed drives.

Each time we rebuild or install a new furnace, we look at ways to “right size” the equipment to use only the amount of heat and energy needed for the glassmaking projects. When possible, we recuperate heat, and look for ways to use waste heat to reduce energy consumption.

Lighting is important to any museum. Our lighting has been converted to energy efficient T-8s, and we are working on a program to replace our long-neck incandescent, our MR 16, and our par 38s with LED lamps. Our curatorial staff is also working on a program to phase in T-8 lamps and LED solutions to their lighting upgrades.

We have a green cleaning program and our cleaning contractors are Green Seal certified. We have reduced our waste mass in our Café by incorporating a pulper and extractor system in our kitchen. We also have compactors for our recycling and waste containers.

In June of 2016, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded LEED Silver Certification to the Contemporary Art + Design Wing for its environmentally-conscious efforts. The Museum’s certification was based on the building’s water and energy efficiency, and its reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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